STEM SG – Amazing trip so far in my life

Trang chủ Tin tức STEM SG – Amazing trip so far in my life

STEM SG – Amazing trip so far in my life

Ngày đăng: 12/07/2019 561 lượt xem

This trip was an amazing exprience for me and my fellows. I had the opportunity to Singapore – the most developed country in South East Asia and accessed to STEM education which i could learn about technology, mindset, engineering and used the knowledge we have learnt to solve the Sustainable Development goals of UN. Also, i can meet many friends from ASEAN countries who are potential and future leaders. I exprienced different cultures, was divided into group including diversity of nationalities so i can learn about other cultures. The teachers, staffs are in science center as well as in international temasek intuition and countries have great knowledge and help us a lot though we made many mistakes. Besides, i visited many famous and modern places in Singapore like Gadern by the Bays, Newater, Banrage, Marina bay sands,(i am really into Newater as they reuse waste water to make fresh water).. and tried local food as well. Throughout 7 days in Singapore, i think i learnt many new interesting things, opened my mind and my heart, met many kind friends. I felt so grateful and thank you so much. Hope next year, STEP STEM ALIVE will be more successful.

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