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Tuyển dụng Thực tập sinh Marketing & Truyền thông

Ngày đăng: 19/06/2020 413 lượt xem

Internship opportunity for Marketing & Communication Team

M&C Intern: https://www.grantthornton.com.vn/en/career/fresh-graduates/available-positions/marketing-and-communications-intern/

Job No: HCM_MCBD_0620

Job type: Full time

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Categories: Financial services

The Marketing and Communications Intern will assist with some specific areas of the marketing team for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices including:

· Leverage the brand name on digital channels such website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube

· Assist in the release of publication and press release

· Handle administrative reporting, report flow and internal communications

· Support the logistics for firm events (conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions); production of promotional items; email marketing.


· Ability to design on Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign is a strong asset

· Be very good at Power Point

· Good command of English, positive attitude

· Proactive, creative, careful and teamwork

· Desire to gain experience from a global marketing team.

Application Requirements:

· The application and resume should be in English.

· Name your file with quoting reference (Application – Marketing and Communications Intern – HCMC).

· The total document file size do not exceed 2MB.

· Application, CV and any queries to be sent to: HR.Recruitment@vn.gt.com

· Submit by 25 June 2020.

Advertised: 11 Jun 2020 SE Asia Standard Time

Application close: 25 Jun 2020 SE Asia Standard Time


Thường xuyên truy cập vào website TT.QHDN: https://qhdn.uel.edu.vn/

Group Tuyển dụng: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uel.edu.vn/ để cập nhật thêm nhiều thông tin.

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